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Commissioning & Servicing

D.R Ventilation offer a commissioning service to ensure your new build property has the correct balanced airflows to meet Building Regulations Part F , the Domestic Compliance Guide and NHBC mechanical ventilation guidelines.

All mechanical ventilation systems are required to be balanced and commissioned to the design airflow rates based on the size and occupancy of the dwelling, in accordance with Building Regulations Part F. (hyperlink to Building regulations part F and the domestic compliance guide) Airflow measurements should be taken using a calibrated airflow anemometer with proprietary hood attachment and results recorded in litres per second for each grill located within the property.

Our fully qualified engineers will commission your property, make adjustments to the fan and grills were necessary to ensure design rate airflows are reached, we will then provide you with a full commissioning report. If you would like us to provide the calculations for your airflow requirements, we can also offer this service along with our design and supply services.

It is also advisable to have systems re-commissioned every few years to ensure correct airflows are still being achieved for the wellbeing of the occupants and the fabric of the building. Modern heat recovery systems provide a constant supply of clean fresh air without losing heat - making your property ‘greener’ and cleaner.

Proper maintenance and servicing is essential to ensure the system functions properly, both for the health of the occupants and to minimise running cost. Dirt can build up in the filters, on fan blades or ductwork if the system is not well-maintained and filters are not changed regularly which can increase operating costs by as much as 60% as well as seriously reducing the flow and quality of the air in the home. Humidity, carbon monoxide and other pollutants can increases in the air within the property.


Dirty & Clean Filters

As you can see the difference between a clean filter (white) and a dirty filter (black) is quite noticeable. Without replacing a dirty filter the quality and circulation of the air that passes through will be greatly reduced.
SAP Airflow Meter
The Service will include
  • Filter Replacement - Replace old filter with new replacement filter.
  • Cleaning of Heat Exchanger - Clean and sanitise Heat Exchange unit.
  • Testing of Motors - Ensure Heat Exchange unit and motors operating correctly.
  • Cleaning of Room Diffusers - Clean all supply and extract grills.
  • Re-commissioning & Balancing of System - Ensure all grills are maintaining correct air flows for each room and rebalance if required.
  • Maintenance Report - Provide detailed report of service works completed. Provide detail and cost of further works if required.
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