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Heat Recovery Systems

Heat recovery ventilation systems provide an energy efficient, reliable and affordable solution for supplying new homes with clean, fresh air while also recovering and reusing existing heat to save money.

Under current regulations, all new build properties are subject to airtight testing to ensure no heat is lost throughout the building. Ventilation plays an important role in meeting these requirements as airflow needs to be mechanically circulated to reduce the need for open windows or trickle vents.

Heat recovery ventilation system (MVHR) provides constant controlled ventilation without allowing heat loss normally caused by open windows or other ventilation. It can also retain up to 95% of otherwise lost heat from your property, reducing your overall fuel costs.

How Heat Recovery Systems Work

Heat Recovery Systems work by extracting the stale, moist and polluted air from wet rooms, utility rooms, kitchens, bathrooms within a home. This air passes through the heat recovery unit at the same time as the fresh outside air is passing in through the unit.

The clean fresh air passes through the filters and is heated from the warmth extracted from the stale air, providing all living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms with fresh clean air with no loss of temperature. The heat exchanger maintains separation of the extract and supply air flows.

A Heat Recovery system runs continuously on low speed, with a boost facility which can be activated via various controllers and sensors depending upon the unit.

A Heat Recovery system gives a constant flow of fresh air, controls condensation, increases your security and lowers your carbon footprint.

Part F Building Regulations

Part F building regulations are the government's commitment to reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. New buildings are rigorously tested to ensure heat loss is kept to a minimum which deals with the need to ventilate properties effectively and recommends air flow rates for various systems. You can Download Part F Building Regulations from our site.

We supply a range of passive ventilation and mechanical ventilation systems which are required by Part F regulations, so give us a call on the numbers above or complete our online enquiry form to get free advice from the experts....

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